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living the life
30 years in the making personalized & signed by Q-Ball order here



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living the life
photographs by Doug Barber, aka Q-Ball
poems by Eddie (Sorez) Pliska, aka Sorez the Scribe
designed by Eric Wheatley
Published and Printed in the United States of America.
Published by Lowside Syndicate.
Printed by Ridge Printing.
8900 Yellow Brick Rd. | Baltimore, MD 21237
This edition is limited to 3,000 copies.
ISBN 978-0-615-34271-9
Copyright 2009 Doug Barber


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Here is what the critics are saying.

Thirty years of Life on the road brings experiences that can't be had anywhere else. Thankfully, Chop Cult member Q-Ball has been documenting his ride along this rough and rowdy path through the lens of his trusty camera. His new book Living the Life combines a collection of these images along with prose from road poet Sorez the Scribe for a perfect paring of word and image.

Living the Life was a good choice for the title. It's not so much about the individual or the exact machine they happen to be on, however important and central those details may be. It's about the road less travelled and how much richer that road is on two wheels. Many of these souls are gone now, the Life as they knew it, evaporated. But, through the pen and the lens, we all get a brief glimpse at what that it looked like. The question now, to all of us is: Are we Living the Life?

Bill Bryant


A book 30 years in the making, Living the life is Doug "Q-Ball" Barber's glimpse into some of the best real biker photography ever to be seen in one book. Q-ball didn't stop there, he had his cohort Eddie "Sorez the Scribe" Pliska write some very profound poems regarding the true biker lifestyle.

What makes this book such a solid piece of work is that it is multi-dimensional and it captures the feeling of actually being there in both picture and verse. Think of it is one part history, one part art and one part literature all rolled into one.

Jeff G. Holt
Street Chopper Magazine


LIVING THE LIFE is an excellent second chance for those of us who did not always have the foresight to keep a camera handy to record those miles and events of our lives as they flashed by, or if your wondering what it was like to be there? Q-Ball's photos, along with Sorez's verses, will kick your memory or dream machine into gear. As you turn the pages, view the photos, and read the verses, you will feel the mile markers of your own Biker Life flashing by. And if you ainít been there yet - you will be given it thought after you run these pages by ya!

By K. Peddlar Bridges,
Connecticut Cruise News
Senior Columnist and
Roadpoet eMagazine Editor


Doug Barberís photos remind us of a time when the bikes,
and the people that rode them were the real deal. Thankfully,
Doug was there living it; not just as an observer from
the outside. This collection of images combined with the
words of Sorez the Scribe provides a unique glimpse into
our cultureís past. For those that lived, partied and rode
during that time itís a memory book of sorts. For the new
generation it represents the path less chosen, inspiration,
and a history book of our two-wheeled forefathers.
Living the life, itís good for your soul.Ē

Todd Ingram
Editorial Director
Iron Horse Magazine



The Marriage of Biker Poetry
and Photographic Genius:

Q-Ballís master lens and Sorez the Scribeís road sharpened
pen ignites the page with the lure of the
steel pony, the rolling thunder, the chink, chink,
chink of the gravel, and a brotherhood that rides forever
towards the horizon. While there are many photo
books that spread bikers and their motorcycles flat
out across a coffee table, and certainly Biker Poetry
is beginning to stand on its own in the poetry community,
Living the Life is the ĎIMAX of Biker Nation.í
Sorezís poetic cadence draws you into Q-Ballís lens
where you are not just looking at some pictures, you
are on the bike, riding with the pack, or just taking a
solo run into the wind. From Basket Case to Road to
Redemption Q-Ball and Sorez bring the Code of Ethics
into ĎTrue 3D Soulí with photo-word-graphics.
Living the Life is more than a photo-documentary,
or a poetry book, and it is deeper than a historical
perspective, Living the Life is history in the making
- a history that can open the pipes and blast down
highways at the speed of light.

MarySusan Williams-Migneault



To all my Friends, and Known Associates,

Thank you for your encouragement. Itís taken over 30 years of blood, sweat, and tears to get here. I canít say that I have loved every moment, but I will admit my life has been made richer by knowing you. My hope is that you will find ďLiving the LifeĒ worthy. If you do, may I ask just one more favor, to help get the word out.

Many Thanks,
Long May You Ride,


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Sorry we are sold out



living the life
30 years in the making, you can order here


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