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Fox Creek Leather

Fox Creek’s Leather Overpants
Easy on, easy off, easy to love when you wear them.

 Like many of you I’ve been wearing leather chaps to keep my legs warm, dry, and safe. I also have been coveting Fox Creek’s leather overpants. Then one day to my dismay they disappeared from their offerings. There are plenty of choices out there, but no one, I mean no one makes leather like Fox Creek. If you don’t believe me, then check out their customer testimonials. They are so respected they have fans from all four corners of the world. So when their customers asked to bring the Overpants back, Fox Creek didn’t,,, that is not until they were even better. That was all it took for me to jump on them like a tick on a coon hound, and I‘ve been a happy puppy ever since .

 So what’s the big deal about leather overpants? For one thing they cover your butt, not to mention your gonads. And,,,? Ever sit on a cold wet motorcycle seat? Ever had your special purpose get wet in the rain? Ever get a major case of road rash on your bottom? Get the point? It pains me to see many of you ride down the road in shorts, especially you pretty ladies with lovely legs. Ok, I know there is nothing sexier than a babe wearing chaps with little or nothing else. Take it from me there was nothing sexy, or fun about spending a whole night with a bottle of Jack Black, and a pair of tweezers pulling gravel out of my butt. By the way Jack makes a hell of a pain killer, both topical, and internal. I know guys, scars make for great war stories, but what about your lady’s legs. And that’s what sweet about overpants, they protect you while you ride, and then you can easily take them off.


It’s been a cold wet winter, but I’ve stayed warm and dry in my Fox Creek Leather Overpants, and Classic Motorcycle Jacket I.

 And what’s so special about Fox Creek overpants? The short version is everything, but I’ll go into detail. They are made in the USA with pride. They use absolutely the finest leather and material available anywhere. They are designed to meet the needs of the toughest riders with comfort and style. AND,,, they are guaranteed for life. All the above, and down home, friendly customer service.

 What makes them easy to love is the attention to details. The first thing you and everyone around you will notice is the leather. Soft smooth “Naked Cowhide”. I could go into great detail here about what makes Fox Creek Leather far superior to anyone else’s, but it may make more sense for you to visit their website www.foxcreekleather.com to read all about it. All you will really care about is how it feels, wears, and attracts the attention of the opposite sex. Next you will appreciate all the fine craftsmanship put into every stitch. Finally, how much thought went into the design. Like the full length zippers in the outside seams of each leg, along with a zipper front fly, making these overpants a breeze to put on, or take off. Just like your favorite pair of jeans they have two deep front and back pockets. There is even a coin/watch pocket. Unlike chaps, this makes it easier to get to the stuff you need. They even have belt loops so you can wear your favorite belt and all the stuff your belt holds. The cut is full and straight legged, for all day riding comfort, without binding or butt crack draft. The front of the legs is one continuous piece of leather which makes them weather proof, and good looking. They are lined to the knees with nylon for comfort, and durability.

 When you think about it, you will want to wear them year round. They are great in the winter for keeping you warm, and great in the summer to protect your sweet butt. That means you can wear whatever you like underneath the leather overpants. So when you get to your destination you just drop your leathers and walk around in whatever you like. I’ll give you a minute to ponder that mental image…. Done, now go check out Fox Creek Leather at www.foxcreekleather.com. You’ll be glad you did.

Long May You Ride,

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More about American Made in the USA Fox Creek Leather


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Fox Creek Leather

More about American Made in the USA Fox Creek Leather