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Red White & Blues by L.V.Sage

Well written, easy read, 760 pages of American life during one of the most tumultuous periods of U.S. history. The book spans 1964 through 1977. A diverse group of characters finds themselves drawn together by the magnetic forces of the west coast phenomena of hippies, drugs, sex and communal living. In the book life separates them, and brings them back together again. Some go off to fight in the Vietnam war, forever to be changed. The book is also about the rarefied environment that bred a new generation of motorcycle clubs, and how these clubs filled a special need for war torn veterans, and other lost souls.

This book is a personal portrait of history illustrated with fictional characters. For me it was a flash back filled with folks I knew. It is not a glorified shoot-em-up episode of a popular TV show. Warning, some of the war narratives are graphic. They may be hard to stomach, but are necessary for the development of characters and their relationship with others. This book may not set well with some, but is a must read for all who need to know from where we came and where we are going. In the end the book is a testament to the strength of friendship.

More about the L.V. Sage and Red, White, & Blues




1 BillyDonBurns_012

Billy Don Burns new album produced by Rusty Knuckles

Some time back my friend Rusty Knuckles sent me this CD in the mail. It came at a point in my life when a whole lot of shit was piling up, including my mail. As the weather turned chilly and things slowed down I found it under stack of bills while cleaning up and getting ready to work on my bike. I put it in CD player and felt like I had reunited with an old friend. Billy Don Burns has been around for a long time singing, writing, and playing with the old school country heroes. Its all his music, yet incorporates the classic beat and poetry of folks like Willie, Waylon, Kris, and Johnny. You’ll probably will never hear him on bubble gum country stations, but that’s OK, because his music and words are much deeper than rhine stone glitter. So, if your looking to spend some time with an old friend while working on your ride, or sippin some whiskey, Billy Don Burns is good company to keep.

While you are on Rusty Knuckles web site www.rustyknucklesmusic.com check out all the bands he represents. There is everything from head banging rock to traditional country, not to mention a great mix of everything in between like ass kicking contemporary Rock-A-Billy




1Bikers Got Culture

Bikers Got Culture! by “Wild Bill” Rogers

Though a serious poet, "Wild Bill" Rogers takes the reader into the humorous side of a lifestyle that is as unique to America as the cowboy and a culture that is largely misunderstood. Bikers Got Culture! contains over fifty poems and limericks of humor, wit, and a touch of the unnatural. The author speaks of a Biker Culture encompassing all walks of life from the lawful to the lawless and from the rich to the poor. "Wild Bill" takes the reader through an entertaining chronicle of the beginnings of what has become one of America's biggest icons using engaging characters, meter and rhyme, then introduces the reader to a sad sack affectionately given the handle of "Oilslick" a fast-talking, beer-drinking, oil-encrusted, bug be-speckled biker. From the mountains of Alaska to the sands of Daytona Beach, this is "Poetry for the discerning biker!"

Hardcover: 130 pages
Publisher: PublishAmerica (January 20, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1462662056
ISBN-13: 978-1462662050
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.4 inches
Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces

Available at Amazon.com




Rusty Knuckles

  When your on the road there is always certain folks you look forward to seeing, and Rusty Knuckles is one of them. He is not only a talented graphic designer, he is also a genuinely stand up kind of guy. It’s no wonder he has such a talented crew of musicians under his label. The last time I saw him was in Florida, and was telling him how much I liked raw country and the new rock a Billy music. Mind you he has several bands he manages ranging from country through heavy metal, all of them with a twist, some mixing the best of country and heavy metal cranked up rock a Billy, blow the ink right of your skin music. 

He gave me two disks and I said I’d do a review.

  Hellbound Glory at first sounds like the honky-tonk music my daddy use to drink to. But the lyrics are of modern day’s trials and tribulations being numbed the same way daddy did. Actually not much seems to have changed. What makes the lyrics special is the rye sense of “Fuck It” humor that runs like a cold beer down your throat. I found myself laughing and crying at the same time while drinking heavily the whole time. Shit, I would have had this review done sooner, if it weren’t for the drinking. From the first note till the end, I felt right at home with this music. It’s a classic, and a new favorite. Better have plenty of cold beer and a dry bandanna.

Jay Berndt, “Sad Bastard Songs”. First off Jay Berndt has a commanding voice that would keep you listening regardless of the song. His music is all American Country and Western, and spans it all. The first cut “Sad Bastard Theme” radiates it’s Celtic heritage, while the rest of the CD high lights country blues, western, and country rock. The CD is a great mix of all that I like in Country & Western music, and Jay’s voice drove it all home.

For sample tracks from these two CDs, and from Rusty Knuckles other bands check out their web site at www.Shoprustyknuckles.com 





Portraits of American Bikers, Inside Looking Out, The Flash Collection II
Photography by Jim “Flash 1%er” Miteff


Here is a powerful visual perspective of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club compiled by a loving daughter Beverly Roberts, and club brothers. In the 1960s "Flash" was a member of the Detroit Chapter, and commercial photographer.


With his camera he captured a first person view of his club when the members were young and restless. It is a look into the life and times of what all clubs have evolved from. It is also a rare look into a world that most folks will never see, romanticize about, and often get wrong.


This is a must have for anyone into editorial photograph, and the history of the bikers world.

Portraits of American Bikers, Inside Looking Out,The Flash Collection II, Along with Portraits of American Bikers Life in the 1960s, and American Biker are published by Jim's daughter, Beverly Roberts. For more information visit www.flashproductionsllc.com




American Biker, by Bill Hayes
The History, The Clubs, The Lifestyle, The Truth

As many of you know Bill Hayes has been in and around the Bikers’ World for a long time. He is a patch holder in the Boozefighters MC and author of “The Original Wild Ones”. He has a deep love and respect for all things biker. At the same time his perspective is generally objective. His writing style is down to earth with just the right amount of color to draw you in and keep your interest.

“The History”. Bill does a great job of bringing everything into alignment by his extensive knowledge of biker history. He also tempers this with quotes from those who were there. At the same time, you will never feel burdened with details. The book flows like a cross country ride.

“The Clubs”. Bill knows, loves, and respects the Club Life. Without sensationalism, or prejudice he tells it as it is. No excuses, or secrets given, no Club business discussed just some historical background from the inside.

“The Lifestyle”. As much as the mere mention of “Lifestyle” will make the hair bristle on the neck of an old schooler, Bill does a good job of explaining what sets us apart from the mainstream. The book does justice to why we look, and act the way we do. Not to mention why we are emulated by others.

“The Truth”. Bill tells the truth. As we all know truth like art is in the eye of the beholder. Keeping that in mind, you will get the feeling from Bill’s work that he has done everything to make sure he got it right.

So why read Bill’s new book? If you’ve been around, and think you know it all, then you will enjoy the book for what it is, and how it’s written. If you’re new to the Bikers’ World, you will need to know that which is written down. If you’re just curios and like to read history, then here you go.

Long and short of it is, I liked the book a lot. It was well written and easy to read. It was like spending time with an old friend over a few cold ones.

More on www.americanbikerthebook.com



Verse and Steel

Verse and Steel -- An Introduction.
By MarySusan Williams-Migneault

The Editors: K. Peddlar Bridges,
MarySusan Williams-Migneault,
and Eddie Sorez!

Publisher: RoadHousePress, Beverly, MA.
Printer: Harvard Book Store, Cambridge, MA.

The Writers and Poets: Ironhorse Writer, Sorez the Scribe, Bikerwolf, Don Clady, Lizzard Smith, Bob Touchette, Renee Choinere, Sharpie, J. Barrett Wolf, Micheal Brown, Gypsypashn, Rusty Sprocket, Martin Jack, Blaze Elliot, Chopprkate, Spike, Kenny Gentleman, Tim Hayes, Wild Bill, Moshe, Uglicoyote, Paul Brandis, K. Peddlar Bridges and of course.. MarySusan Williams-Migneault AKA Sue (you know -- me -- hahaha!) --

Featured Photographers: Bob Touchette, Doug Barber (Q-Ball), Dexter Balyeat Jr.

Guest Photographers: Jadie Clark, Lady Pat, Mary Carol Kennedy, Karla Sharpensteen, Daniel De Lone, and photos taken by our editors and poets or contributed by Connecticut Cruise News Newspaper Archives!

An excerpt….

Verse and Steel -- An Introduction.
By MarySusan Williams-Migneault

“While Verse and Steel is a book of poetry, stories, and photographs, it is not just any kind of poetry, or any kind of story, and the photographs are not just snapshots. The collection of poems, stories and photographs in Verse and Steel are the heart and the soul of Biker Poets/ Writers/ Artists bursting out from the constraints of social and academic profiling. The stories are Biker Stories. The photographs capture, in the blink of an eye, the shadow of memories rolling along the pavement, tattooed on the skin, engraved in history, as Biker Bard and Bike ride through towns, cities, hillsides, and lives; leaving the gravel split, the campfire’s embers to turn to ash, and citizens peering through their windows to catch a glimpse of the thunder-rider flashing chrome in the gleam of their envious eye.” -- MSWM

Verse and Steel: Twenty-three Biker Poets and Writers and three featured photographers: Doug Barber VtwinBiker.com, Bob Touchette (Highway Poet Mcc and BPWA Member), and Dexter Balyeat, Jr., and many others, who bring their unique and distinctive photographic eye to the pages of Verse and Steel!! The poems and stories jump start to life as you turn each page! As the editors of Verse and Steel, K. Peddlar Bridges, Sorez the Scribe, and myself, MarySusan, we have truly enjoyed showcasing each and every photo, poem or story! You will get to know each artist through their brief biographies, but you will truly ride with them to that place where the wind and road meet the pen!

For information on ordering send an email to
Peddlar at roadpoetbikerpoet@yahoo.com, or...
Sorez at eddiesorez@gmail.com, or...
MarySusan, at: roadhousepress@gmail.com.

To Order a Copy.. send 16.95 plus shipping and handling (9 oz per book -- you can look up on U.S.P.S. on internet for exact charge per weight and destination) in cash, money or order to K. Peddlar Bridges and mail to: M.S.Migneault 20 Sohier Rd, Apt 210, Beverly, MA 01915

OR you can order directly from

Harvard Book Store







Ironhead Ink by Brian Schurrer

PUBLISHAMERICA, LLLP www.publishamerica.com , printed in the USA

ISBN: 978-1-4489-2492-9, 91 pages, Dimensions: 6 x 9, Softcover, Price: $16.95

Product Description
"So here I go again! I recently picked up a new project motorcycle. It will take some work to get it to where I need it, but all in good time. I think it was this that spurred my mind into writing again, so I threw down some words in the hope that they might stick. I love the Lord Jesus and beat poetry, and I have tried here to combine my love for Him and my love for riding and life into words. It gets really hard sometimes to walk the walk, and my family keeps me straight and encourages me to vent artistically. I feel time is almost up, and we really need to be ready for His return. Need to keep on the narrow road. So, all glory to the King, maker, shaker, sin taker, Jesus. Stay in the wind, in the word, and be ready!" Brian Schurre


 It’s a good read whether your Christian, a biker, or if you just like great poetry. Brian’s words come from the heart. He expresses all the emotions felt by each and everyone one of us in the dealings with the world of bikers, motorcycles and survival. He uses words like an air brush to paint mental images, then weaves them together to produce poems like that of tattoos on a old school gray beards body. Great imagery that changes every time you read it.

So what’s beat poetry? It doesn’t rhyme, and it’s rhythm is much like an old shovelhead idling, or a small block V-8 with a trick cam. It rumbles a bit, them skips a beat. The term beat poetry comes from the days of beatniks and coffee houses, post WWII, you know pre hippies. Don’t worry it ain’t high brow. Just think of it as lyrics to a biker’s song.

You can contact Brian at brian.schurrer@aurora.org.
Help a brother out, and buy his book.




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